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Section Center Orchestra

anonymous Jan 5, 2019

Great legroom throughout, but especially here since the row in front ends right in front of this seat. Stage is low and further back so you aren’t too close despite being in the second row. Amazing seat for a play

55 star  seat view

Section FMEZZ

sgreen3 Jul 3, 2016

Last row of front mezz. Full view. Aisle seat. Angle results in essentially unlimited leg room and no one in front of you (so an unobstructed view).

55 star  seat view
sgreen3 Nov 22, 2016

Front row of mezzanine, 1 seat off the aisle. Great view. Railing may obstruct slightly if you are very short and sit all the way back. I am 5'2" and it wasn't too bad.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Feb 22, 2017

Great view of the whole stage.

44 star  seat view

Section FMezz

msmovies Jun 20, 2017

Would be great -- if there wasn't a banister in your face!

33 star  seat view

Section FR MEZZ

scottauc Mar 20, 2019

Amazing seats!!!

55 star  seat view

Section Fr Mezz

galaxy.nyc May 2, 2019

Great seat, able to see the stage perfectly. It's pretty steep here though, and the railing is on the other side of the aisle

55 star  seat view

Section Fr mezz

telcob May 9, 2019

Plenty of leg room as there's no seat in front. Very steep stairs.


Section Front Mez

anonymous Jan 8, 2017


55 star  seat view

Section Front mezz

krisdela Dec 30, 2017

I'm 4'11" my husband is 6'0". Good seats if you tall enough to see over the bar.

44 star  seat view

Section Front Mezz

sytwix Apr 18, 2019

Great view - stage appears closer than picture

55 star  seat view

Section Front Mezzanine

jillr May 27, 2017

Great seat but the rail got in the way. OK if you're tall - had to sit on my jacket

33 star  seat view

Section Mezz

cld113 Aug 27, 2018

Great view

55 star  seat view
ilysespieces Apr 5, 2019

HipTix, rear mezzanine has some of the worst leg room in any Broadway theater.

tjonc Mar 10, 2019

There is a bar that blocks your view if you are shorter.

44 star  seat view
tjonc Mar 7, 2019

High bar blocks vision if you're short!

33 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine

anonymous Oct 15, 2018

Right under the air conditioning vent - so it's cool

44 star  seat view
TheaterGeek May 30, 2019

Excellent first row, mezzanine seat with great views of the stage

55 star  seat view
anonymous May 26, 2019

Aisle seat

44 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine Center

anonymous Mar 3, 2019

Excellent sightlines, decent legroom

55 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine Right

djezel Oct 18, 2018

Nice view. If you're short, you might have to sit forward a bit to avoid the railing, but it's not bad. Recommended!

44 star  seat view

Section MEZZL

kirby1058 Apr 30, 2018

Amazing seats for a play that had me ugly crying throughout.

55 star  seat view

Section Mid Mezz

jafu6 Apr 20, 2019

A little bit far

44 star  seat view

Section Mid Mezzanine

anonymous Feb 27, 2019

Maybe the most uncomfortable seat I’ve ever sat in at a broadway theater and I see a lot of shows. The view is good, but the seat in front is so close I could barely sit down, and I don’t have long legs. Talking to an usher it seems a common complaint.

22 star  seat view

Section orch

bethroann May 7, 2018

Great seats and plenty of room!

55 star  seat view

Section Orch

anonymous Dec 19, 2018

Great front row seat. The stage is low and the front row is set 10 feet back.

55 star  seat view
lori nostramo Apr 4, 2019


55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra

anonymous Jan 17, 2016

Spacious seats but I still felt faraway from the stage due to the set-up of rows. Unmic-ed voices still carried fine, and it was an engaging, nailbiting performance.

44 star  seat view
jame22 Sep 23, 2018

Great to be so close, but no grading in the front orchestra so hard to see over people in front of you.

33 star  seat view
Bennett Apr 22, 2018

Best seat in the house

55 star  seat view
Esther00 Oct 15, 2018

Pretty good seat. A bit far but you are still able to see the faces.

4.54.5 star  seat view
MyTheatreWeekend Oct 23, 2018

Great seats (3rd Row) for Lifespan of a Fact. Comfy seat and excellent sight lines. Worth noting that the seats directly in front of these (Row A) have no seats in front of them (even though they are in the 2nd row) and would make an excellent choice!

55 star  seat view
D.Rose Jun 3, 2019

Very Good seat, row D is higher than first 3 rows

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra Left

djezel Mar 13, 2019

Amazing view! Highly recommended!!!

55 star  seat view

Section ORCR

kirby1058 Nov 7, 2018

Great seats for the hysterical new comedy that's not to be missed!

55 star  seat view

Section Rear Mezz

krisdela Nov 4, 2018

I am 5 feet tall. The bar always gets me. Otherwise decent view

Allisonmusic24 May 22, 2019

Great view: tight seat and extremely hot

BroadwayAddicf Jun 10, 2019

Good seats. Can see everything.

33 star  seat view

Section Rear Mezzanine

yueiv Jun 15, 2017

Even in the rear mezzanine, this seat had a great view. I could see everything, though the sound was a bit garbled due to the poor sound design of Studio 54 (including the lack of an orchestra pit, meaning the band is spread across the box seats). The seats are also a bit tight. However, I still count "She Loves Me" to be amongst the best Broadway experiences I've ever had, so, in retrospect, the seats couldn't have been THAT bad. :-)

3.53.5 star  seat view
yueiv Jun 15, 2017

The views from the rear mezzanine aren't bad at Studio 54, though the sound design in the theatre is not the best. Note that "Cabaret" was in a thrust stage setup, which may not be the case for all shows at Studio 54.

3.53.5 star  seat view
FantumGrey Apr 7, 2018

Good view of center and right side of stage far left side a little cut off.

44 star  seat view
wallacebway0219 May 12, 2019

The seating was WAY too tight.

33 star  seat view

Section Rear Side Orchestra

joyfb Jan 4, 2017

Second to last row in orchestra. Was told that row O was elevated, but not really the case. No more elevated than any other row. Tall folks in front of us really affected the view. If you try for orchestra seats, get them further up so the mezzanine overhang doesn't block the overall effect of the theater. And try to get aisle seats if you're on the side. Otherwise stick with center orchestra. The sides are really too far off, in my opinion.

22 star  seat view

Section RMEZZO

anonymous Oct 16, 2018

This is the front of this section. Due to the high rail slightly in stage view, must lean forward a bit so it doesn't interfere with your view.

44 star  seat view