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  • Centennial Field, section: D, row: F, seat: 2
    Vermont Lake Monsters vs Lowell Spinners
    August 23, 2019
  • Old Trafford, section: N1405, row: PP, seat: 212
    Manchester United vs Crystal Palace FC
  • Miller Park, section: 115, row: 9, seat: 5
    Milwaukee Brewers vs Arizona Diamondbacks
  • anonymous 5 star rugby seat view
    Murrayfield Stadium, section: W29, row: J, seat: 10
    Scotland vs France
  • anonymous 5 star theater seat view
    Walter Kerr Theatre, section: Mezz Center, row: B, seat: 114
    Great seats, was very happy. Mezzanine gives you a really cool view of the stage tricks they do (no spoilers). 114 is also seat, but note that large railings on aisles in mezzanine don't give you the extra elbow room you typically get with an aisle.
  • Brisbane Road, section: D, row: LA, seat: 86
    Leyton Orient vs Stevenage F.C.
    It's the front row so can be hard to see all the action, but if that's what you want it's a great seat. Only one seat to the left from the halfway line so you can see both sides equally well. Sun will be in your eyes if it's afternoon kickoff.

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  • London Stadium, section: 209, row: 66, seat: 394
    West Ham United vs Manchester City FC
    Great seat to see all the action.
  • Old Trafford, section: N3408, row: 10, seat: 8
    Manchester United vs Chelsea FC
    Good seat with no obstructions and you can see all the action.
  • Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, section: 303, row: 9, seat: 15
    Kiss tour: End of the road tour
  • Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, section: 303, row: 9, seat: 15
    Kiss tour: End of the road tour
  • anonymous 3 star concert seat view
    T-Mobile Arena, section: 209, row: H, seat: 7
    George Strait tour: 2019
  • Alpine Valley Music Theatre, section: 203, row: NN, seat: 28
    Hootie & the Blowfish tour: Group Therapy Tour

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  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: H, seat: 105
    Moulin Rouge!
    Fantastic seats!
  • PNC Park, section: 125, row: F, seat: 1
    Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds
  • anonymous 4 star baseball seat view
    PETCO Park, section: 311, row: 3, seat: 3
    Padres vs RED SOX
  • T-Mobile Park, section: 33, row: c, seat: 9
    Seattle Mariners vs Toronto Blue Jays
  • T-mobile Park, section: 33, row: C, seat: 10
    Seattle Mariners vs Toronto Blue Jays
  • Miller Park, section: 216, row: 1, seat: 11
    Milwaukee Brewers vs Arizona Diamondbacks
    August 23, 2019. Good seats with extra leg room. You do have the glass to the left and the person in seat 12 might have a harder time with that.
  • anonymous 5 star concert seat view
    FivePoint Amphitheater, section: 303, row: 36, seat: 35
  • anonymous 5 star  seat view
    Rose Bowl, section: 20-L, row: 63, seat: 1
    Rolling Stones Concert
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