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  • Winter Garden Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: A, seat: 32
    Lots of leg room!! felt very close to the stage. the only bad thing about the seat was that you can't see the back right of the stage so you miss a couple of small things. overall great seat for a great price!!
  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Mezzanine C, row: P, seat: 112
    Mean Girls
    Good view of whole stage. can't see the top of the screen in the back of the stage. it's a small theatre so it doesn't feel too far away. very little leg room so if you're tall you're gonna have an issue with it. but overall, good seats.
  • Madison Square Garden, section: 102, row: 15, seat: 11
    Sara Bareilles tour: Amidst the Chaos Tour
    This picture doesn't do it justice, felt closer than what the picture seems to show. full view of the stage, this seat is in line with the middle of the stage so it was a great view!!
  • Eugene O'Neill Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: P, seat: 21
    The Book of Mormon
    great seats! feel so close to the stage!! adequate leg room
  • Brooks Atkinson Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine RC, row: L, seat: 121
    Great view of the whole stage! Last row in mezzanine but it still wasn't too far away and you don't have to worry about anyone kicking the back of your seat. overall great seat!!
  • Longacre Theatre, section: Balcony R, row: D, seat: 21
    The Prom
    Great seats for a low price! Can see everything!

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  • Gershwin Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine R, row: G, seat: 2
    great view of the whole stage. isle seat so there was unlimited leg room. no one was sitting directly in front of me so i could see the whole stage beautifully. amazing seat!!!
  • New Amsterdam Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, row: MM, seat: 7
    great seats. this particular seat was an end seat so you have leg room to your left. great view of the stage, not too far.
  • Brooks Atkinson Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine RC, row: K, seat: 122
    good view of stage, good leg room, felt a little far but can still see everything on stage
  • Gershwin Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine C, row: F, seat: 102
    very little leg room because there is a wall in front of you so if you're tall, i don't suggest this row. good view of the stage, can see everything just a bit far away.