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  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), section: Orchestra L, row: J, seat: 1
    The Play That Goes Wrong
    Perfect view!!!
  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, section: Mezzanine Right Center, row: B, seat: 105
    King Kong
    Excellent view! Highly recommended!!!
  • Neil Simon Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: A, seat: 6
    The Cher Show
    Amazing $30 lottery seat! Low stage, perfect view! Highly recommended!!!
  • Studio 54, section: Front Mezzanine R, row: AA, seat: 10
    The Lifespan of a Fact
    Nice view. If you're short, you might have to sit forward a bit to avoid the railing, but it's not bad. Recommended!
  • Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: J, seat: 109
    The Ferryman
    Dead-center perfection! Far enough to take in the expansive production, but close enough to see faces. Nice rake in the seating starting at row I, so, if you're short, heads in the way aren't a big issue. Highly recommended!
  • The Irene Diamond Stage at The Pershing Square Signature Center, section: Orchestra, row: H, seat: 103
    Be More Chill
    Excellent view! Highly recommended!!!

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  • Gershwin Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: V, seat: 1
    Great aisle seat with a full view of the stage. Bring binoculars if you want to see facial expressions. Recommended!
  • Hudson Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: O, seat: 109
    Head Over Heels
    Dead center seat. Highly recommended!
  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: G, seat: 9
    Mean Girls
    Perfect view!
  • Hayes Theater, section: Orchestra L, row: G, seat: 5
    Lobby Hero
    Perfect view, and close enough to see faces well. Highly recommended!
  • Vivian Beaumont Theater, section: Loge C, row: E, seat: 308
    My Fair Lady
    Great seat in the last row of the loge, dead center, with a perfect view of this huge production! Bring binoculars if you want to see faces more clearly. Recommended!
  • St. James Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: A, seat: 14
    The only thing keeping this seat from getting 5 stars is the fact that there's an extension to the front of the mezzanine which covers the stage lighting rig. If you're short, it's nearly impossible to see the front lip of the stage without a seat cushion.

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  • Shubert Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: F, seat: 2
    Hello, Dolly!
    Nice aisle seat. Row F is the last row in the mezzanine where the balcony overhang doesn't obstruct the proscenium. Recommended.
  • Belasco Theatre, section: Onstage Upper Rear, seat: 15
    Farinelli and the King
    Really cool and unique perspective on this show. I missed a bit of action on far stage right, but, for $32, it was a bargain, and much better than I expected!
  • Palace Theatre (Broadway), section: Orchestra Right, row: M, seat: 2
    SpongeBob SquarePants
    Perfect orchestra seat! On aisle of raised side section, full-view, no heads in the way, with extra leg room and space to stow your belongings. A steal at $79, with discount code. I can't recommend this seat highly enough!!!
  • Circle in the Square Theatre, section: Orchestra 100 (Odd), row: H, seat: 141
    Once On This Island
    There really isn't a bad seat in the house. Having said that, I would say that those in the side sections (200s) probably have the best views for most of the show, and, if I had to choose again, I would select a seat in the odd 200s.
  • Music Box Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: A, seat: 108
    Dear Evan Hansen
    When paired with 2 seat cushions to compensate for the height of the stage, this view was perfection!!!
  • Ethel Barrymore Theatre, section: Front Mezzanine R, row: E, seat: 14
    The Band's Visit
    Great view from the last row in the front mezzanine. This theatre is small, but the mezzanine is set back more than in other theatres of similar size, so even the front mezzanine doesn't feel particularly close. I wouldn't want to sit any farther away for this intimate show. In fact, if I saw the show again, I'd make sure to sit closer.
  • Music Box Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: K, seat: 2
    Dear Evan Hansen
    I loved this seat! What the seating charts don't show is that this seat juts out beyond the rows in front of it so that you're basically looking straight down the aisle, with no heads in your way, and with extra legroom. Even though it's in the second to last row of the mezzanine, it doesn't seem far at all. I was very pleasantly surprised.
  • John Golden Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: A, seat: 115
    A Doll's House, Part 2
    $30 front row rush seat! The perfect view for this intimate production!
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